St James Schools’ annual leavers’ awards required a full theatrical production. Having worked together for a number of years, we were entrusted to deliver a system that showcased an evening of entertainment alongside an awards presentation to its 800 guests.  


We were enlisted to install an AV system that would deliver an excellent quality sound and visual experience in a temporary venue. As the marquee was assembled, the team installed the equipment in stages, working closely with the construction team to ensure the equipment was safely secured throughout the build.  

With attention focused on the raised staging, a static lighting rig was attached to the marquee structure by a chain hoist above the audience. The raised staging featured floor microphones along with two lecterns equipped with Audio Technica microphones and four Sennheiser handheld microphones. Two QSC monitors at foot level were easily moveable for performances.

The marquee was lit with wireless LED uplights that were controlled with the AV system. Six freestanding relay screens were poised at the side of the staged area and staggered throughout the seated area to ensure all guests could see live streaming of the event. The marquee was fitted with the QSC K-series for even and powerful audio distribution. 

In line with our company ethos to give opportunities to young people, two film students from the school joined the technical team, taking instruction through our live communications system. 

Lighting and Audio and Vison mixing desks were positioned to the rear to control the full AV system, managing live camera, audio feeds, lighting colour and intensity.  


The event ran flawlessly without any technical interruptions and the positioning of the audio visual equipment ensured the full audience had a clear view of the entertainment. St James’ School was extremely pleased with the opportunity for the students to participate in the production. The full installation was assembled and dismantled within 24 hours.