Meet Rupert Charles

An Audio-Visual Technician delivering reliable friendly onsite support to our client Bayer UK

Our after sales service is something we pride ourselves in, Rupert, one of our onsite audio visual technicians, helps us deliver a quality of service that ensures our clients see the results they want and need from the solutions we provide.

Rupert Charles started working at Bayer’s UK HQ in May 2017 after the company moved into their new offices at Reading’s Green Park. Rupert was brought in to help support Bayer’s employees as they adjusted to their new working environment, and in particular with the new AV technology that was implemented by Focus 21 within Bayer’s 4-story office space. This facility consists of several multipurpose workspaces, formal and informal office spaces, extendable boardroom, educational laboratory and inspiration zone, as well as a restaurant and relaxation area. The office is fitted out with large format displays, digital signage, room management systems and Skype enabled conferencing and projection.

On a day to day basis Rupert carries out a range of activities that support the employees, both within the office and offsite. Rupert regularly checks the audio-visual technology throughout the office space to ensure the functionality is as it should be, and carries out daily checks to prevent issues before they arise, and therefore reducing downtime. He responds to AV related support tickets, as well as dealing with ad-hoc queries from employees and providing onsite training for those that are new to the organization or are simply struggling with the new technology.

being physically onsite and readily available to speak to employees massively helps with overcoming objections to using technology
— Rupert Charles, Focus 21, Audio Visual Technician

Rupert prides himself on being open and approachable, and nothing is too much trouble for him. He believes that his role isn’t just to fix issues, but to educate people on how to best use the technology and feel comfortable with it, and improve their productivity. Rupert understands that sometimes this can take time so is always on hand to help people until they do feel confident enough to go it alone and encourages employees to pre-book support until they are 100% happy.

Technology is a vehicle to simplify tasks and increase productivity, and by making these undertakings simpler and quicker, Bayer UK, have made sure that the technology they have provided is the perfect vehicle for their employees, and it’s a pleasure to support the employees on their Journey
— Rupert Charles

Rupert works independently, in conjunction with the necessary support Focus 21 provides to ensure that all issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Focus 21 always treat my requests with professionalism and respond in a timely manner which allows me to continue with my day to day activities, knowing that everything else will be dealt with, with the gravity required, and to a level that will please my customer
— Rupert Charles
The addition of Rupert to our support team has been incredibly positive. We’ve had nothing but good feedback both personally and more objectively on the improved service offering, making the transition to the new building and technology as seamless as it could be.

Rupert has gone above and beyond his remit, taking on basic PC support which occurs as the lines between traditional AV and Unified Communications become increasingly blurred. It’s been a huge bonus to have him onboard along with the back up of Focus 21’s complete service offering
— Glynn Seymour, Team Lead, Digital & Infastucture, Bayer UK
Rupert and all the On-site Managed Service team provide a service that is fast becoming an integral part of our clients AV service strategies, By providing a bespoke service offering based around a Focus 21 AV service framework we are able to deliver best in class service and value to our clients.
— Philip Law, Focus 21, Head of Managed Service
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Rupert Charles

Audio Visual Technician