Supporting the Client User Base - are you doing it correctly?

How would you define a successful AV deployment? Many professionals would provide different answers to this question

Signed off and invoiced? Successful.

Within budget? Successful.

Consultant brief achieved and implemented within the timeframe? Successful.

These are often the boundaries within which a modern AV integration project exists – Purchase Order through to project sign off – and it’s the milestones and targets between these points, and costings and time frames that are set alongside them, that we define our successes upon. However, an end user may view things entirely differently.

Post-project implementation, an AV integrator may offer the client a range of service products that promise a level of support that meets their business needs. These products will guarantee fast response callouts, quick access to technical support, and product replacement and repair times that proffer a minimum impact on business from product failure. For many clients, this level of service is a must-have, given the reliance on technology that users now have to perform their tasks effectively and collaborate productively.

But does any of the above, executed perfectly, mean an end user will get the most benefit from new technology? The answer is obviously, no. A successful AV deployment could equally be judged upon the improved or sustained productivity of the end user. Following project implementation, it is just as important to make the client aware that you are there when things are going well, not just when things are going wrong. Maximum ROI means getting the most use out of the thing you have bought, so making sure the end users have all the support they need in getting to know the technology and applying it directly to their tasks is the final and arguably most important task for an AV integrator.

So, how would you NOW define a successful AV deployment?

If your client can see the positive impact of their investment as soon as possible, and support the use of their new technology across their teams internally, then surely this is what you would consider to be a successful deployment?

Focus 21’s FirstQ Support Program is implemented with this in mind. Our clients get a dedicated contact who’s role it is to support the client in training and usage of their AV deployment for the first quarter of use directly after sign off. This happens both in line with a service contract that has been agreed or of course without. It is part of the product. We see it as our duty to care for our clients in this way.

If you would like more information about the Focus 21 FirstQ Support Program, or indeed information relating to any part of the Focus 21 Installation Process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.