Quality sound is often a huge issue in small meeting rooms and huddle spaces. So, what's the solution?

Soundbars have become the options of choice for system integrators because they offer a slim, sleek appearance and are easy to use with the ability to offer clear sound in smaller areas.

Here is our guide to some of the best on the market.

Crestron’s Saros® SB-200-P is a stereo sound bar designed to provide enhanced audio performance for a flat panel display. Its full-range, front-firing speakers offer an improvement over the small, rear-facing speakers typical of many display devices. The bracket included with the sound bar allows for attachment to a wall surface, or the unit can be placed on a shelf below or above the display.

Built-in amplification allows for direct connection to the line-level audio output of the display device, or to the output of an audio preamp, switcher, mixer, tv tuner, codec, or Crestron DM® receiver.[1] The amplifier powers on automatically when an audio input signal is detected, and powers off if no signal is detected for several minutes.

The SAROS SB-200-P sound bar is well-suited for use in any small to medium sized meeting room or huddle spaces.



Yamaha CS700. The CS700 also an all-in-one unit, equips huddle rooms with ‘top notch’ audio, video, and screen sharing capability. The huddle space often has very unique requirements, such as having glass walls and limited tabletop space, the Yamaha CS700 manages reverberation like no other, combining ultra-wideband audio with high-quality video using a wide angle camera capturing all participants in one field of view. And the four-element speaker bar provides what can only be described as ‘amazing’ audio, ensuring every word spoken is heard loud and clear.

A real benefit of the CS700 is the ability to monitoring and manage the units remotely, through a built-in IP interface. In addition, the CS700 provides a SIP interface to the corporate call manager, replacing the need for a separate conference phone. And Bluetooth allows for fast and easy audio connections, instantly turning a mobile or computer call into a conference call.

Addressing communication and collaboration needs this product will fit most businesses with compatibility with Microsoft Skype for Business, Google Chromebox for Meetings, BlueJeans, Zoom, GoTo Conference, Vidyo to name a few.



The Harman Acendo Vibe conferencing sound bars are perfect for companies that want outstanding audio performance in an attractive form factor. With features like JBL sound, a far-field microphone array with integrated acoustic echo cancellation, USB and Bluetooth connectivity which supports BYOD (bring your own device) this soundbar is a great addition to the smaller meeting space. Harman also has a version with a 110-degree field-of-view camera that captures the entire room, and display automation, Acendo Vibe delivers an exceptional audiovisual experience for the modern conference room and is a great option for the smaller meeting room or huddle space.

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