Service team breaks long standing record

Our service team is continually raising the bar when it comes to efficiency, reliability and performance and this month have beaten both our highly esteemed internal  ‘daily first time fix’ record as well as our ‘monthly first time fix’.

To put this in to context, a first time fix is when we correct a client’s issue during our first visit to site, so these are measured by the day then in total across any given any given day, week or month. We take great pride in our level of service so have been monitoring these statistics since we began.

The service team smashed the record, which was last beaten in June, by an incredible 119%, travelling throughout the UK and Europe, from Barrow to Brussels and everywhere in between.

Jim Harwood, Managing Director at Focus 21 explains: 

“Due to our increasing client base and the amount of service and maintenance contracts we now hold, the expectations and pressure on the team is growing every day. They have truly risen to this challenge and are doing incredible work to quickly and confidently get systems up and running again so minimum downtime is experience.”

Well done guys, sure we’ll be hearing more from your adventures and endeavours soon!