It's no surprise to me that 20 years on the company is still thriving!

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Olivia Frayne

Customer Service Manager

“I started at Focus 21 in 2011 as a general administrator. Prior to joining I was working part-time as a sale assistant in Halfords, having just finished my A-Levels. I guess you could say that I fell into the AV industry, I think a lot of people can say the same. It’s an industry that seems to be full of people who found themselves here and have decided to stay.

Focus 21 is a very welcoming company. All the staff are friendly and approachable, and the culture is very inclusive and collaborative. I’ve never considered leaving because I have always had the ability to tell the management team my goals and concerns, and at each point, they have worked with me.

The whole management team are supportive when it comes to career growth and have always shown me that they believe in me, which has enabled me to step up and take on new challenges. Within a few years of starting, I was promoted to Customer Service Manager for the Service Department, a role which I am incredibly passionate about.

Focus 21 has an extensive new starter programme to bring in employees from outside the industry, and I think this has helped create a real family feeling in the company, as the staff tend to help each other, and this mentally has really nurtured a supportive culture. The organisation tends to look internally when a new role or position comes up, and if there is someone who they believe, with a little support, can step up, then they are given every encouragement to do so to progress their career. We have so many people here that started in the warehouse or rack build and have progressed to more senior roles.

I have so many memories of working at Focus 21 and look back on them all fondly. We always try to have fun in the office (as well as working hard) and no day is ever dull. Our staff parties have always been great fun – we went to Brighton before Christmas where we all had a fantastic time. It’s no surprise to me that 20 years since the company started it is still thriving! Everyone wants to be here and wants to make it a success and I think customers pick up on that.”

Olivia Frayne, Customer Service Manager, Focus 21 Visual Communications