Insights from RDSE from the Focus 21 team

Last week was a great one for events and networking with suppliers and seeking our inspiration from design agencies and new technologies. Big thanks to Exertis for the invitation to their showcase and we can highly recommend Retail Digital Signage Expo which next year will be double its size, taking over the National Hall at Olympia, a huge testament to the development of digital within the retail industry at the moment. 
Fine pitch LED at the forefront of new displays
A few manufacturers were out in force with high pixel pitch LED on display, all of which looked great quality. In recent months we have installed 3 statement LED displays for clients in a variety of resolutions and aspect ratios including the first 1.5mm Samsung LED Display. Their 2.6mm looked great at RDSE with what is one of our favourite tech adverts at the moment playing. The white content worked well and really showed how well the display stood up to solid colour content. 

Marble is on trend
A trend picked up from the RDE element of the show was the amount of marble being used in interior designs for retail in 2017. Digital signage can be seamlessly built into marble backdrops for a high-end feel, particularly popular with the beauty and perfume clients at the show. 

RFID is finding a place in customer insight
RFID applications were scattered throughout the show and we are seeing the use of these moving into customer insight. When activating RFID on specific items you are able to measure how much interest one product has over another, or the most eye catching locations for star products. These insights can then help the merchandising teams in retail to optimise both the placement of product but also the connection with digital signage. 

Retailers are looking to connect digital signage with social media
Social media and the display of integrated channels to connect the business with its online profile at the forefront of the agenda of many retailers we met. More than ever, the instore experience can drive users to the brand’s channels while in store through promotions, interactive signage and content which connects instore and online. This should be at the forefront of audio visual experience, particularly for brands immersed in the millennial market as a core audience. 

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