Focus 21's FirstQ gives customers a helping hand

The FirstQ support program is a unique initiative from Focus 21, Which has been around officially for 12 years. FirstQ provides our customers with a more personal and attentive level of support during the first period of beneficial use after project completion. Most of our installations are wide-ranging, large-scale integrations dealing with multiple types of technology provided by many different suppliers and manufacturers. These installations are often to be used by hundreds of staff in new office deployments right from the get-go, and taking ownership of this equipment can often be somewhat overwhelming in terms of making sure each user gets the full benefit of new technology.

As FirstQ supervisor, it is my responsibility to help the client manage user training and support, technical support, proactive maintenance and understanding the system itself. The end result is that the AV/IT staff spend more time dealing with bolstering their end user’s productivity rather than troubleshooting, and the business as a whole sees the benefit of happy and productive staff. It is more than just a technical support program, the FirstQ supervisor is not just there when and if anything goes wrong, but there when things are going well also, to help the client feel continually comfortable with the new level of technology in their possession.
— Matt Oliver - FirstQ Supervisor

Focus 21 is proud to represent and work for a whole number of clients who will benefit from this level of industry-leading service and feel that our commitment to training of our own start has helped ensure we can offer our clients the best possible support, Focus 21 are currently the largest holder of CTS qualifications in the country with over 58% of our technical team with CTS or Higher.

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Matt Oliver CTS-I

FirstQ Superior 

Matt is a former BAE Systems engineering apprentice who values the importance of engineering accuracy. Matt’s first venture in AV was a staging & test engineer for a digital cinema company, supporting a team of installation engineers upgrading cinemas from archaic 35mm projection technology to modern 2K DLP projectors. Matt has had many roles within AV engineering in both commercial and residential sectors, and has extensive experience as a senior lead installation engineer and lead commissioning engineer. From there, Matt moved into AV design engineering and has spent a large amount of his recent career dealing with detailed customer briefs, requests, and technical issues, turning them into solutions and recommendations. Matt has always thrived in roles that have close client contact, as they are filled with opportunity to impress, and is excited to represent a company as renowned as Focus21.