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An extremely powerful communication tool, LED screen technology increases fan engagement at stadiums and live music events, promotes collaboration in classrooms, as well as informing and enticing passers-by in retail and corporate settings.

Responsible for some of the world’s most recognisable displays, digiLED have unrivalled expertise and experience in the giant screen industry, culminating in the production of the most innovative, high-quality systems around. Our knowledgeable and dedicated technical team are responsible for the planning and monitoring of component production to deliver original LED screen systems, designed for ultimate performance in often demanding, high-use environments.

The versatile digiLED newFLEX4 LED screen system was selected for the Focus 21,  Cboe Global Markets installation. The ticker style screen installed runs seamlessly around a 90-degree corner with a height of 288mm and a combined width of 7.776m. newFLEX has superb flexibility in offering convex and concave curving, plus straight configurations, meaning that there are limitless creative possibilities ensuring that all ingenious design concepts can be achieved. The display features fantastic blacks for high contrast and unbelievably wide viewing angles of 170˚. It is lightweight in structure and complete with magnetic fixings for simple installation. In addition to the 4mm pixel pitch used in the Cboe project, the newFLEX range also has 5mm and 6mm pixel pitch options available for longer viewing distances. For more information about the digiLED newFLEX range, and the rest of their award-winning product line-up, visit today.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration please speak to your Focus 21 account manager.


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