Two new CTS certifications

Focus 21 has two new CTS holders among its ranks with Chris Voykovich and Zygmunt Day both achieving the certification.

Chris has been working as senior technician for two years, having recently been promoted to Manager of Hire and Events, and looked to CTS as a way to grow his knowledge and technical abilities to further advance his career.

Chris explained:

“CTS is very important to the team here at Focus 21 and achieving this is a recognition of the skills I’ve acquired over the years here. It highlighted problem solving abilities and how to apply the common sense needed in real life situations, as well as showing me the bigger picture of Focus 21. CTS helped make the grey areas of what we do black and white.”

Zygmunt ‘Ziggy’ Day, Installation Engineer has been with Focus 21 since 2014, and has also gained his CTS certification.  CTS was important to him because he wanted to gain a deeper theoretical understanding of the industry and the greater impact this has on the business a whole.

“I went for my CTS certification because I do this work every day and I wanted to understand the depth of what I did. It will help me make more informed decisions during my work day, as the test stretched me to understand not just the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of what I do, but also the ‘why’, and to see the bigger picture of what I’m achieving.”

Ziggy is looking forward to applying his new knowledge to his work in 2017 and to completing the next levels of certification as soon as possible.

Jim Harwood, Managing Director comments:

“It’s inspiring to see so many of our talented young engineers striving to achieve these levels of professional certification. Not only does this allow them to climb to greater heights in their careers, it also lets us deliver incredibly high levels of service to our customers.”