CTS-I holders reach double figures

Our dedication to expanding our team’s knowledge continues as our company CTS-I holders now reach double figures! With a total of ten holders in the company, that equates to four in ten of those accredited in the UK working at Focus 21.


The CTS-I focuses on the installation side of the industry so entrants need to have a firm grip of AV maths and a minimum of two years hands-on experience in both system fabrication and verification. The exam tests safety knowledge, troubleshooting, problem-solving, maintaining tools and equipment and multi-discipline communication skills to prove projects will be delivered on time and within budget. 

From our team, this highly sought after qualification has been achieved by three engineers, four project and design managers and three of our senior management team.

Justin Paveley, Projects Director comments: 

“We are the largest holder of Infocomm certifications in the UK, with 26 of 82 people holding at least one and the first company to have three triple certs! This knowledge puts us at the fore of systems integration, and we confidently work alongside consultants at an advisory level to ensure the very best quality delivery.”

The team continue to train for future exams, and we are expecting our next triple certified professional to be awarded at the end of the year!