Preferred partners of Avocor

We have become a preferred partner of interactive technology manufacturer Avocor and are proud to be amongst the first to take its flagship VTF series to market.

We have become huge advocates of the VTF series largely because the systems are so intuitive and easy to use, with no need for user adoption training. They feature Avocor’s market-leading InGlass touch technology, an embedded Windows 10 PC and an open platform with no propriety software. These combine to deliver the experience of having a giant tablet on the wall with sizes ranging from 65” to 84”. Users then have everything they need at their finger tips, from browsing the internet to accessing their data and using all the programmes they usually would from a Windows operating system.

Jim Harwood MD of Focus 21 explains:

“The series is specifically designed to enhance collaboration and is ideal for huddle spaces and interactive meeting rooms, something that we are seeing an increased demand for at the moment. The very simple plug in and play system lets multiple presenters easily share their thoughts throughout a discussion, with the Ultra HD display showing intricate levels of detail, perfect for visualising complex data sets.”

The brand took part in our Tech-a-tete series filmed earlier this year so an in-depth product video of us putting the solution through its paces will be released in the New Year. Stay tuned!