APEx Certification renewed for Focus 21

We are proud to announce that our APEx Certification has been renewed for the second consecutive year having hit Infocomm International’s incredibly high standards and measures. 

We were the first UK based company ever to be awarded this accolade in 2015 when we proved our commitment to providing quality service to customers and upholding industry excellence. Since then, we are still one of just two companies in the UK and are incredibly excited to be leading the way.

Aron Abrams, Member Services Programs Manager at Infocomm, explains:

“Focus 21 has once again proved its commitment to quality in the AV industry. This translates into happy, loyal and trusting customers as they received extremely high marks in the required surveys. The company has also ensured individual team members maintain a high level of up to date knowledge, with CTS certifications being achieved across all divisions.”

Justin Paveley, Projects Director for Focus 21, says: 

“One criteria of the InfoComm APEx program recognises companies based on the number of employees holding key industry certifications including InfoComm’s CTS credentials, of which we now have over 30 as a company, a record in itself! Of the technical based workforce, an astounding 48% now have these advanced accreditations making us the largest holders in the country.” 

We will continue to lead the way and develop new practices that help the AV industry grow and maintain these advanced standards.