Luke Moreland Passes the Infocomm AV Technologist Exam

We are really pleased to announce Luke Moreland as the latest member of the Focus 21 team to pass the Infocomm AV Technologist exam. 

 Luke Moreland

Luke Moreland

The award has helped support his role as a CAD Engineer, Luke comments:
“When I joined Focus 21 a year ago, my knowledge of AV was limited. The exam has taught me the fundamental principles of how AV systems work, throw distances and sightlines. I have learnt a huge amount over the past year and the plan is to go forward into the CTS exams next to keep on learning.”

Justin Paveley, Projects Director, comments:

“Having joined the team in March 2016, Luke has shown determination in growing his AV knowledge. Infocomm is a great organisation – new education is coming through all the time and we will continue to be committed to the whole team developing their skills through its accreditation program.”