5 Things to consider before starting your office renovation


The old office is due for a renovation and the company has given you the task of making the necessary changes, but where do you start? Here are our 5 top tips for getting the most out of your office renovation.

1. Purpose of the renovation: The first thing you need to understand is the purpose of the renovation? are you simply looking to improve the ambiance of the environment, create more space or increase the productivity of the employees? The purpose will then dictate where the biggest portion of the budget should be placed, and what elements are most important.

2. Set up a flexible budget: Before renovating your office, you need to define a reasonable budget, to do this, list the things that will make your business more profitable. For example, you need to figure out whether you need extra space to accommodate more workstations or extra meeting room spaces.

3. Hiring the right people: When planning office renovation, always hire an architect, interior designer or office fit-out company who can provide examples of work that are similar to the renovation work you are planning, and then instruct an Audio-Visual consultant or integrator to work with them. The contractors will evaluate your space, discuss your requirements and give you a quotation based on your preferences. Involving an Audio-Visual integrator or consultant from the start of the project will provide a cost-benefit and ensure better aesthetics for the final look of the space. When speaking to your team ensure that you are clear on both the budget and your must have features.

4. Consider functionality and comfort: When it comes to renovating an office space, functionality, comfort, and style are important. Your office layout, furniture and equipment all should align with the image of your company. In addition to that, your employees should also feel comfortable while working in that environment, and be comfortable using any IT/Audio Visual equipment provided.

5. Plan for the future: When considering office/workspace renovation, it is important to consider your future requirements. Look for a layout and design that not only meets the present requirements but will accommodate a growing workforce and potential changes in how people will work in the future. Consider providing infrastructure for future upgrades or deployment of technology to enhance or compliment areas of expansion.