To say we worked with one of the world’s leading independent commodity trading and logistics houses to deliver a state-of-the-art intelligent and automated audio visual spectacular would be an understatement! The bar for this project had truly been set by the company’s HQ in Geneva, which we were asked to replicate in approach for global consistency, while introducing next generation technology and systems within the boardrooms, collaboration spaces and meeting rooms.


Two large boardrooms each feature an AMX centralised management system with one simple user interface touch panel controlling all elements. Visual displays were a key focus to ensure that the complex large data sets being presented in meetings can easily be interpreted, with the room featuring a Samsung 95” at one end and a Canon Multimedia Projector at the other.

Individual 17.3” Arthur Holm monitors appear as if by magic from within the desk, on an automotive system, each with wireless connectivity for any device and integrated video conferencing services. The automation however doesn’t stop there! Within the small meeting rooms, with capacity ranging from 6 – 16 people and the Manager Offices which are often used as huddle spaces, Samsung 55” screens are housed within the joinery of the plush panelled walls, revealed when the system starts by popping out and swivelling round. This approach is replicated in the CEO’s Office with a Samsung 65” display.

All spaces are set up ready for video conferencing with audio including variations of JBL, KEF and Tannoy wall and ceiling speakers. An Exterity streaming system ensures that all video data transfers take place over the IP network, so internet bandwidth is never compromised.

To keep daily operation simple for the network manager, all systems and spaces are managed via an AMX central hub, located in a dedicated Comms Room.


“This system is both flexible and intuitive, providing easy connectivity and full control to users, adding drama to the beginning of meetings when the technology reveals itself and staying hidden when it is not in use in the boardroom. We followed the theme of the flagship Geneva office but also focused on future proofing the design for London, by flood wiring the site with CAT6 4K compliant cabling to allow for expansion with each visual element capable of displaying or transmitting 4K imagery. The Boardroom in the London office is sleek, modern and simply stunning. It’s a fine example of unification between architecture and audio visual integration.” Dan Short, Focus21 Senior Project Manager