At  Focus  21  we  specialise  in  integrating  audiovisual systems into all commercial environments including corporate, public and educational. Our audiovisual solutions are used to enhance the effectiveness of communications for a variety of applications ranging from videoconferencing suites and general meeting rooms to boardrooms and broadcast quality auditoriums.

We have designed and installed audiovisual and videoconferencing systems for many high profile companies throughout the UK and Europe. Working directly with the client, main contractor or consultant, our in-house Project Managers ensure our installations are installed, programmed and commissioned to the highest standard.

To enable you to manage your network of audiovisual and videoconferencing system we can install and programme the infrastructure and software to provide you with a fully operable Virtual Network Operations Centre (VNOC). This will give you real time data for IP controlled systems and can help diagnose and correct outages before the end user becomes aware of any issues. A VNOC monitoring system will give you historical information so you can manage your investment efficiently and can provide reporting on ROI and performance.