George Tilbry, an Engineer at Focus 21 Visual Communications Ltd has become the 1000th person worldwide to pass the advanced Infocomm CTS-I accreditation.

From initially joining when he was 16 as part of the three year apprenticeship scheme, George started with the visual communications specialist when he left school with a passion for all things technology and has never looked back.

 George explains:

“Now over six years later I am delighted to have achieved this highly sought after advanced CTS qualification from what is widely regarded as the audiovisual industry’s top global standards body. In my current role, I work across a broad spectrum of AV technologies every day and this has aided my advanced knowledge through some extra studying but mostly by learning on the job. My next goal is to complete the CTS-D by the end of 2016!”

Focus 21 is an advocate for the Infocomm training schemes and has been a member of the association since its conception. The company has a longstanding commitment to professional growth in the audio visual industry, making the opportunities for continual education available for the whole team. 

 Jim Harwood, CTS-D, CTS-I, Managing Director of Focus 21 comments: 

“We are incredibly proud of George who joined us straight out of school and has always been motivated to advance his career and reach the next level. The Infocomm accreditations are ideal for this as the programmes develop in line with new technologies and practices to guarantee the best service for our customers. As well as being a technical specialist, George has a customer facing role providing training to end users once the set up is complete, so the Infocomm exams alongside his practical day to day are a great way of ensuring his knowledge is always ahead of the curve.” 
 George Tilbry 

George Tilbry